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How To Play

Post by Lenor on Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:00 am

Here is how you can play Monopoly online!

Download GtkAtlantic (the monopoly game client)

Launch GtkAtlantic
# Click the ENTER button
# Open the SETTINGS menu, and click PREFERENCES
# Set your NICKNAME
# Click OK

The first player will have to set up the game as follows:

# Click the REFRESH GAMES button
# Select one of the servers listed
# Click the CREATE/JOIN GAME button
# Set the options you prefer and wait for your opponents to join you.

Once the game is set up, opponents can join by:

# Click the REFRESH GAMES button
# Find the first player's game listed, and click on their game
# Click the CREATE/JOIN GAME button.

When everyone is in the game, the first player will have to click the START GAME button, and the game will begin.
Official Game Rules

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